An independent resource for no-budget, low-budget, frugal filmmakers who want to actually get out there and make their movie no matter what.

There is no use waiting for permission or money or anything else to make your film. There are truly no more excuses why you're not already out there making it. Get busy living or get busy dying, right?

We've created this page because, just like you, we also struggle with getting budgets, cash, permission, good equipment, help, and whatever else to make our movies. It's a resource and community where we can help one another to get out there and actually get this shit done and start making films.

If you have any questions or want to work with us or anything else, please become a member and reach out to us on the private Discord channel or email us directly at

Note: BTKO Films and Frugal Film Festival operate under the umbrella of Red Van Studio Inc.