This is a small showcase of my fiction work that made it to production. I'm currently in pre-production on another short film and two feature scripts that I hope to add to the roster soon.

Emily (short film)

Emily (IMDB) was my first crack at short filmmaking. I'd spent a couple years making documentaries and finally has some inspiration to try writing and directing my own short. It's based off of a short story I wrote years ago about myself and a friend going down a flooded stream together.

I had a budget of about $3,000 and a group of hugely helpful and dedicated friends who wanted to be involved! We spent two nights out at a cabin in the woods and filmed as much as we could.

Later, I sent it to some festivals with little success, but I learned so much from actually getting out there and making it. I hope you enjoy:

Cast & Crew of Emily

Directed by: Brendan O'Brien
Written by: Brendan O'Brien & Jonathan Malloy
Produced by: Jen Will
Filmed by: Shae Paterson
Starring: Angel Lo, Rachel Stillings, Michael Schaar-Ney
Scored by: Michael Vignola