Emily (IMDB) was our first crack at fiction filmmaking. We'd spent a couple years making documentaries and became inspired to write and direct our own short. It's based off of a short story Brendan O'Brien wrote years ago about himself and a friend going down a flooded stream together.

We had a budget of about $3,000 USD and a group of hugely helpful and dedicated friends who wanted to be involved! We spent two nights out at a cabin in the woods of Canada and filmed as much as we could in that time.

Later, it was part of the Cannes Short Film Corner, and we sent it to some festivals. The best part was that we learned so much from actually getting out there and making it.

Directed by: Brendan O'Brien
Written by: Brendan O'Brien & Jonathan Malloy
Produced by: Jen Will
Filmed by: Shae Paterson
Starring: Angel Lo, Rachel Stillings, Michael Schaar-Ney
Scored by: Michael Vignola